About Me

Most recently, I’m defined as Cooper’s mom. Before that I was just Campbell’s mom. Before that I was Brian’s wife, a daughter, a sister, a cousin – you get it. Life has changed. Our 8 year old son Cooper has a rare, degenerative, genetic disease. Our 11 year old daughter Campbell is a “typical” kid. They are both awesome kids.

Here I am addressing all the stuff that goes through my head as we progress on our rare disease journey. It’s mostly the hard stuff. The fun stuff is in all the pictures on Instagram and stories and check-ins on FaceBook. Here is where life gets real.

A few summers ago I saw Andy Grammer in concert for the first time. It was an upbeat, super-fun show. At one point he slowed down to perform “Good Parts”. And I couldn’t stop the tears when I heard it. “That’s it!” I realized as I listened:

Show me where it hurts and give me something real

And lead me to the part of you that never really heals

And say the words that burn when they leave your mouth

Tell me your story, but don’t leave the good parts out

I needed to show where it hurts, and here it is. If you’d like to see the good parts too, I hope to share them here, but follow me on Instagram too: @caktippett