Blogging from the Beach

This is what the last 45 minutes of vacation looks like. I’ve already cried twice this morning, thinking about what we came here to forget.

I turned on Roaming on my phone so that I could be in touch with the kids and home if needed. And of course life popped up. I got a reminder of Cooper’s eye appointment on Friday. I received the schedule of Coopers pre-surgery appointments. I got a reminder of Cooper’s infusion, asking me to confirm. I kept an eye on my work email. After being completely hands-off while away on Cooper’s wish trip a few weeks ago, I don’t need a repeat of that week of work catch-up.

But we also got to FaceTime the kids and watch them ride bikes and give them good night kisses, making our time away a bit easier on them (and me?).

I am grateful for time away, doing NOTHING. When a resort employee approaches, asking if he can arrange an outing, I point to my beach chair and tell him I’m not leaving this spot, “gracias”.

So yet again we prepare for re-entry. Re-entry is tough, knowing the summer we have coming up – Cooper recovering from surgery, immobile from his chest down. Thinking about it causes me anxiety. Constant back and forth with the medical team, figuring out how to get him home in the cast and back again – MUCHO anxiety. (See?! I’m practicing the Spanish I’ve picked up.)

So I don’t know if I need to “buck up”, “get a grip”, or “let go and let God” but I’ll be working on that now that the vacations are over and there is nothing between me and Cooper’s surgeries but 50 days and a ton of coordination and planning.

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